University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust provides services to over 1.9 million people living in Southampton and South Hampshire. It is the 6th largest Trust in the UK. With a records library with more than 1.1 million records which they share with two Community Health NHS Trusts, it was key that they look to digitise their records. With limited resources and in-house knowledge of the best way to go ahead with such a project, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust concluded that it would be sensible to have specialist assistance. 

The team from University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust were first introduced to Scandox during an event and were impressed by their NHS focused consultancy services. Soon after, Scandox were invited to create a detailed Scanning Strategy.

Scandox started by carrying out a library audit to review the type of documentation stored before starting work on the scanning strategy. This allowed Scandox to gain a real understanding of the type of records used and stored by the Trust. Working with the Trust they also realised that most of the records kept in storage are neither revisited nor reviewed regularly. 

With this information, Scandox were able to provide an impartial scanning strategy report highlighting multiple approaches that the Trust could take when scanning their records. Both parties agreed that batch scanning would prove significantly more cost effective than a scan on demand approach; it was calculated that a saving of £400,000 could be made by using a batch scanning approach for scanning back records. 

It would be very easy for a company to tell you how to scan, but Scandox’s impartiality provided a true unbiased recommendation. They focused on what was best for us and provided multiple approaches.
— Toby Cave, Information Management and Technology Project Manager, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

“The information gained as a result of the scanning strategy has influenced our decisions going forward and shaped the way we approach the scanning of our records. I would certainly advise other Trusts in a similar situation to undertake a similar approach: Deeper analysis”. 

The next step for University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust is to analyse their day forward data and decide how they will scan the records going forward for the patients who frequently visit the Trust.