Scanning Strategy Development

A common misconception in deploying paperless projects is to only consider the final goal: the Electronice Patient Record (EPR), the Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) or the scanned document itself. In so doing, the key steps of transformation are often glossed over or underestimated or oversimplified leading to certain project derailment, or spiralling costs further down the line or most undesirably a lack of compliance of the final document.

This specialised service addresses what intermediate steps are required to successfully prepare for the deployment of an EPR or EDRMS. For those that are already scanning it analyses how the scanning bureau can be made more efficient and how compliance to BS 10008 can be achieved and maintained. 

The strategy answers fundamental questions such as:

-          Who should scan

-          What should be scanned

-          Where should it be scanned

-          Why scan

-          How to achieve compliance to BS 10008

Our highly trained consultants present their findings and suggestions in a document that is tailored to your requirements and objectives which can be used in developing business cases and organisational strategies.

Whether you are scanning already or a contemplating embarking on the paperless journey, contact us to find out how we can support you in delivering a successful, compliant, cost-efficient project. Whether you're looking at scanning medical records, setting up a scanning bureau, or would like information on BS 10008, contact us.