Taking capture step by step

In an article recently published on Document-Manager.com, IBML look at changes in document capture, and how to ensure you’re following the most effective methodology. 

This article looks at how although some propose the capture process should be treated as a single step, this is not always correct. Batch processing is not a new idea, it has been endorsed by the majority of the capture industry for many years, but is this this the best option? 

Ensuring your commercial capture process is achieving maximum efficiency requires optimisation of each of the component parts of the end to end process. 

The market is now talking about Transaction Processing, which is not be mistaken for a different process than that of batch processing, but is rather a sub-set, or an enhancement. Technology advances in the capture space continue to abound and much of this advancement lies in IDR (Intelligent Document Recognition), which makes the identification of transactions within a batch an automated process.
— www.btc.co.uk