The Challenges of Clinical Engagement with Dr Mike Fisher


Everyone will likely agree that outlining the problems clinicians have on a day-to-day basis and  discovering exactly what they need is key to the success of IT projects in general.

The Importance of a CCIO role (Chief Clinical Information Officer)
Dr Mike Fisher, CCIO at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Trust explains that “Clinical engagement is not merely a matter of asking a few senior consultants what they think the right solutions look like, but requires someone who is able to help clinicians frame the problems  they are having and put these into a context in which an informatics solution may be of some real benefit”. This is why Dr Fisher thinks the role of CCIO is absolutely crucial to any EMR (electronic Medical Record)/EDM (Electronic Document Management) project.

So far - in our experience - clinician’s input in an EMR/EDM project is imperative but the engagement of clinician’s can sometimes be hard to achieve and this could be down to many reasons. We have had many discussions around this issue faced by IT Project Managers and have ideas of our own as to why engaging clinician’s often seems like pulling teeth!

The Clinical Engagement Survey
However, we would like to investigate further the reasons why and we would appreciate your help in doing so. We’ve produced a survey about clinical engagement and we’d love to get your views. If you could take just 3 minutes to complete it (it’s only five questions and completely anonymous), it would be greatly appreciated.

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If you’ve been involved in IT projects requiring clinical engagement, we’d be very interested in talking to you about the possibility of contributing to our Resource Centre. Whether you succeeded or not, we think sharing lessons learned would be an excellent topic to cover.

If you’d like to write a piece on clinical engagement, call Sarah Cerbone on 01733 394269 or email