7 Reasons to Certify BS 10008


As associate consultants for the British Standards Institute (BSI), we regularly see the benefit BS 10008 certification brings to our clients. Benchmarking them as organisations that hold correct and appropriate storage of electronic documentation as a paramount concern, our coaching in them achieving BS 10008 certification is one of the many ways we can aid your paperless journey.

If you’ve never considered BS 10008 certification or are unsure as to whether it’s right for your organisation, our Top 7 reasons below will help you discover why it’s the next logical step forward.

1.  External certification by an official body like the BSI lends much more credibility to the overall implementation of a project. For example; when electronic documents are presented in a legal setting – such as a courtroom – official BSI certification increases the authenticity and integrity of evidential weight.

2. BS 10008 is simply the most effective and efficient way to manage a major distribution process involving complex technology, a huge volume of sensitive data, and a large number of users.

3. In recognition of the robust discipline of BS 10008, many government departments have now made it a compulsory element of any document scanning project. More specifically, the NHS Records Management Code of Practice issued by the Department of Health states that scanned paper records may only be destroyed if the system complies.

4. The process of transferring paper-based records to electronic format is a complex one. If the project is not approached in a systematic way – with all the relevant audits and checks in place – errors can occur. With BS 10008, you can rest assure that you are using a tried, tested and industry recognised framework.

5. The comprehensive scope of BS 10008 covers not only the scanning process itself, but crucially the integrity of the system in which the electronic records are stored.

6. BSI certification includes a full review and audit of the policies and procedures surrounding electronic document storage.

7. ScanDox can guide you along the BS 10008 process. Our BSI Associate Consultant status means we are ideally placed to guide you through the whole certification process, including scope definition, development of the required support documentation and the important gap analysis that needs to be undertaken before certification can be granted.


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