Have questions about your new scanning strategy? We’re here to help you find the right fit for you and your Trust, below covers the key issues we find new clients often ask about or why not call one of our NHS specialists direct on 01733 232 638?

Why do I need more than a basic document scanning service?

For their sheer complexity of format and contents, medical records are in a breed of their own – and so are the clinicians that work with them. Over time, doctors and nurses develop their own ways to quickly skim through a 300-page medical record to find the information they are looking for.

That’s why a conventional document scanning approach – where all the paper-based records are simply converted into hundreds of different images – simply doesn’t work with complex medical data. Finding a specific piece of information can become harder and more time-consuming than dealing with the old paper-based system.

By taking a uniquely tailored approach to the planning and implementation of each individual project, we can devise a fully-structured solution that really works for you and your team, and helps you to deliver significant patient care improvements.

Simple document management software or a bespoke electronic medical records system?

We can work with any proprietary document management system (DMS), but for total flexibility with complex medical data, we recommend you consider a bespoke electronic medical records system.

On-site or off-site?

We are fully equipped to work on-site within your existing medical records library or off-site at our own premises, but we always recommend the on-site approach. It allows smoother integration of business processes, reduces the risk of disruption to your existing practices, and minimises the impact on patient care.

What about compliance?

All our digital records consultancy services comply with BS 10008 on evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information. Our robust audit and quality control processes mean you can securely destroy all the original paperwork, safe in the knowledge that the electronic copies will be fully admissible as evidence in court if required. This allows you to benefit from the significant cost savings to be gained from freeing up (or even giving up) expensive storage space, without compromising on legal integrity.

At ScanDox, we specialise in the provision of specialist consultancy services for large medical records libraries, primarily in the acute or mental health sectors. For smaller document scanning projects, our sister company Papershrink will be happy to help.