BS 10008 Services

BS 10008 (BS10008) – Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information is about much more than just choosing the right scanning and storage solutions for your Trust. – it’s a risk and quality management system for scanning documents, using certified policies and procedures to ensure your electronic records retain confidentiality, availability, authenticity and integrity – both during the data upload process and in storage.

Scandox an associate consultant of the British Standards Institute for BS 10008 always ensure the scanning and auditing procedures we define comply with those prescribed by BS 10008 thereby ensuring scanned digital images are an exact copy of the paper original.

BS 10008 Introduction Course for NHS

The BS 10008 is a training course designed to enable clinicians and managers to understand what is required to comply with BS 10008..

You will learn - 

  • How the British Standards Institution certification process works
  • How to define the scope of implementation
  • How to perform a risk assessment
  • How to perform a gap analysis
  • How to draft an implementation plan to obtain certification

plugGING the Gap - GAP Analysis with Remedy

Our experience and expertise will help your policy owners quickly identify where the lacunas are in your policies and processes that impact compliance. Rather than simply highlighting the gaps, we also document the changes required to achieve and maintain compliance. 

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