Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust Case Study


Scandox offer an Introduction to BS 10008 course which provides an overview of BS 10008 and why it is important. This course is ideal for those looking to begin digitising and scanning, but also for those who are already in the process of scanning and wish to understand BS 10008. Scandox ran this onsite training course to staff at their Trust Headquarters.

Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is a geographically dispersed organisation with multiple specialist sectors, these include -  Adult Care, Child Care, Dental, Rehabilitation and Learning & Disability and therefore it was key for all major stakeholders to be present during the training course. It was important to Birmingham Community Healthcare that all staff understood and became invested in BS 10008. Staff were selected for the course if they met certain criteria, these included:

  • Those with large record stores. Invited to gain a better understanding and to experience how it could work for them
  • Senior managers who are either already scanning, or are looking to scan
  • Frontline teams currently involved in the scanning of documents
  • IT Team. To provide a better understanding of how it effects them and their systems
  • Legal Team, for an understanding on the compliance regulations

Leigh Peplow, Information Governance Manager at Birmingham Community Healthcare hoped that Scandox’s training course would reinforce the importance of BS 10008 that she and her team were already promoting internally since she first met Scandox.

Scanning and digitising our records is vital for us. The reason behind scanning for us is instant access to documents.
— Leigh Peplow - Information Governance Manager, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust.

Since undergoing the Introduction to BS 10008 training course, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust have integrated BS 10008 best practices within their internal policies.

“BS 10008 provides us with the confidence and peace of mind that we are covered, should anything happen”

In 2015, the specialist Dental sector within the Trust was part of a new build project and created an opportune time for the department to investigate a ‘paper free’ culture. The rest of the Trust now wants to follow suite and are currently looking at the best way to instigate this.

Leigh Peplow highlighted that “the destruction of our documents is key. With what we’ve learnt from BS 10008 best practices we can rest assured that our documents are being destroyed in accordance with legally admissible standards”.

“Since we held the course, we’ve resurrected our Records Management Committee. We meet regularly to discuss the move to digital and best practices when scanning”.

Now that Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust have a good understanding of what to consider when implementing BS10008 , they are considering the resources required to obtain a formal BS 10008 certification.